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Filing Fees

Lonoke Circuit Clerk Filing Fees
For initiating a cause of action in the circuit court (Civil , domestic , out of state judgement and all appeals) Ark. Code Ann §21-6-403(b)(1) $165.00 
For reopening a cause of action in the circuit court §21-6-403(b)(2) $50.00 
Out-of-state subpoena $4.50 (plus 60cents for each supporting document) 
For filing an appointment to serve as a Civil Process Server $140.00 
For renewal of a Civil Process server $50.00 
Circuit Clerk issuing subpoenas for civil and domestic cases.( When counsel requests for the clerk to prepare and issue subpoenas for court cases) All subpoenas are $2.50 each. 
Writs of Garnishments and Execution Ark. Code Ann. §21-6-401(a)(1)(A). Act 615 of the Regular session,2007 $20.00 
For any cause of action which by court order is transferred from any district of circuit court to a circuit court. $50.00 
Certification of a Court Document $5.00 
Authentication of a court Document of court record $6.00 
Mortgage assignments, Mortgage Releases , and other instruments. Ark ,Code Ann.§21-6-403(a)(12)(B). Act 615 of the Regular Session, 2007 If a single document lists multiple instruments: A fee of $15.00 per additional instrument listed , not to exceed $300.00 
Mortgagee's or Trustee's Notice of Default and intention to sell. Ark. Code Ann. §18-50-104. $140.00 Plus recording fee of $15.00 for the first page(1) side only and $5.00 for each additional page. 
Waiver of requirements of Ark.Code.Ann §14-15-402(b)(1) for good cause (at Recorders Discretion) Ark.Code.Ann §21-6-403(a)(2). Act 615 of Regular Session, 2007. $25.00 
Amended LisPendens, Deeds, Deeds of trust, Federal Tax Liens, Foreign Judgements (Within the state of Arkansas), LisPendens, Material-men's and Mechanic's Liens, Medical Liens,Mortgages, Notary Bonds, Plats, Powers of Attorney , Release Deeds, Surveys, and any Recordable instruments except as otherwise described in this section. (See below for additional details) Ark. Code Ann. §21-6-403(a)(1)(A) Act 615 of the Regular session,2007. $15.00 $5.00 for every page subsequent to the first. Note: A 2 sided instrument counts as 2 pages. 
State Tax Liens $8.00 
Financing statements/UCC filings are to be filed with the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office. 
Certificate of Assessment or any other instrument not specified. $8.00 
Copy of a document. .25 ea. page 
Certificate of Notary $20.00 
DD2-14 forms Free of Charge 
Bond in Contest $15.00 $5.00 for each additional page. 
Office Faxing charges $1 per page including cover sheet sending and receiving charges  
Under Act 1460 of 2013; A.C.A. 16-90-1401, Et Seq Petition to Seal $50.00